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In today’s competitive world where the average attention span is 3 seconds, strong business Portraits are key in capturing and holding interest.

Marketing research and Eyestudies clearly tells us that showing the real person/team behind the business is a crucial component in all your marketing material in order to CONNECT with your prospects, potential partners and creative leads. Weather you’re re-vamping your social-media pages, building a Website or need images to go with your latest product launch, utilizing professionally branded photography that effectively and clearly communicates your business’s message, aesthetics and personality can help you reach your goals like no other element and is worth it’s pixels in gold. See our Pakages below. or call us for a consultation today and discover whet type business photography is most appropriate for your needs.

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JK Photography Package options:

[tabs titles=”Start-up & Entrepreneur Portraits^Personal & Professional Branding Portraits^CEO studio VIP Portraits^Business Portraits and Product Combo” type=”” type_style=”” sc_id=”sc1401843688883″]When an image tells a 1000 words; a well arranged series can tell your companies whole story, simply, elegantly and instantly. The Business Branding Package is a complete option for companies and entrepreneurs looking to upgrade their marketing and website with stunning and complete set of images that echo the branding, personality and focus of your Business.  

find out more ^Clean, professional portraits of your entire staff (or just the group that mysteriously called in sick for the annual report shoot that was scheduled last month) Having the a set of corporate business portraits done together is advantageous as they will share qualities in angles, lighting and other intangible elements that together bind the images to one another and create a unified set that also should be designed to echo the qualities that your business stand for. Weather you’re a serious Law Firm, Quirky php geniuses or group of moms that that started a daycare your unique qualities reflected in your business photography on your marketing will make it easier for your clients to relate with and trust you.

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This is the package tailored to the busy professional; you\’ve got a write up, a new product release or you missed the company photo-day and need to get a professional portrait taken that shows you in the best light and is taken any time of the day that your schedule permits…

find out more ^A perfect choice for Professionals that sell a tangible product; Designers, Contractors, Architects and Artists etc that need a Portrait for their about page as well as their products captured. Perhaps a decorator who just finished working at a location that needs to be photographed while it also offers an excellent portrait location for your much overdue About page re-vamp or maybe you’re an author with a new book coming out and you need product shots as well as a portrait for the sleeve?

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